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Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China by S. Lichtenberg

24 years ago, Simon Lichtenberg, arrived in China with the set conviction of doing trade. After working in timber trading in Malaysia, he established his first group with his US $30 000 that a friend lent him in 1993. Unluckily, his first trade efforts did not pay off the first time. After attempting to trade in many various commodities types, he gained his first commission from trade of African timber to Chinese Plywood makers. Lichtenberg, in his early twenties, was about resign and decided to leave China permanently when he joined hands with Danish furniture-maker firm, BoConcept, begin retailing its products in China. For Lichtenberg that was a beginning of his triumphal activity as entrepreneur. Simon Lichtenberg established his company, Trayton Group, in Shanghai in 1995. At first, with Lichtenberg possessing the license from BoConcept, his firm distributed only BoConcept-imported furniture all over Shanghai's furniture shops and shopping centers. Trayton Group's first-year sales were enormously profitable, with revenues amounting US $3.6 million. And that was mainly thanks to the contemporary and innovative designs of BoConcept's furniture which instantly attracted many young urban middle-class families who recently started purchase or lease habitations.

Corporate Event- How Can It Be Conducted? by Andrew Parris

Companies usually choose a member of personnel to coordinate their big events, so if you have been lucky enough to find your name being taken out of the hat as the organizer of this year's big event, you may fear that a huge burden has been put on your shoulders. Nevertheless, there are yet numerous things that you will be able to do to keep yourself from being uncomfortable by the pressure. All that you must do is work out your requirements, and then come up with a plan which makes sure that those requirements are covered principally.
One of the largest fields that you must cover is the issue of sound and sight at the time of the event. If it is to be a presentation by the company, or a exhibiting of their achievements through the year, then you will need a superior-quality audio visual centre to realize this. You need to know where the event will be happening, together with the size and shape of the room, as this will be essential to know before you can go to any AV equipment sales expert. You might even have to measure the room yourself to ensure that the particulars are accurate.

How can a corporate event be held? by Andrew Parris

Virtually all companies and businesses nowadays organise events every now and then. These can be business functions, that bring in all the members of a big company together, and are typified by the business outing at Christmas, but they could also be events which raise the profile of the business in the public arena, such as a charity event. Even if you did not name the charity, or decide when to conduct it, you will be able to find yourself being drawn into the administrative side of organising a business event. This is a very crucial business, and takes a lot of skill, a lot like keeping many plates rotating on sticks, all at once.
Planning is the means to holding the right event, right from arranging the best people to come to the event, to organising the sound and illumination so that everybody will be able to see and hear the events on the program. Arranging all of this business could be really tough, and people either have to be naturally blessed in the organising of corporate events,

CD Labels - Design That Attracts by Archie Coles

It is imperative that the right marketing efforts are followed with every product that one has. The same is the case with CD labels. When CDs have to be sold, one has to make sure that people are drawn towards it and they would be drawn towards it through the effective design of the CD label.
How do you attract customers to your CD? There are various CDs which are coming out in the market these days. All these compact disks are coming out for various purposes. Therefore, you might have someone promoting his / her music while some other might be promoting one's movies. These company disks have now gone on to include much more. Data, information, pictures and others are being included in these compact disks and sold to individuals and people. Therefore, the important point to note here is that one should always know the ways in which these CDs could be sold. Like all other markets, there is competition and clutter in this market too. Therefore, one should make sure that the competition is being worked around with and the best is being brought out.

Why Presentation Binders? by Paolo Cardelli

Ring binders (sometimes called files in Britain) are folders in which punched pieces of paper may be held by means of clamps running through the holes in the paper.These retainers are usually spring-loaded, frequently circular (some rings are D-shaped, others are actually rods), and may have additional latching systems.

Most binder covers are made of three pieces, in the fashion of a hardback book, but are produced in many styles. Materials vary widely. Some vinyl binders have a clear pocket on the outside for cover pages, and many have pockets in the inner cover for loose papers, business cards, compact discs, etc. There are also zipper binders, which zip the binder up and keep papers from falling out. Some binders are stored in matching slipcases for greater protection; either with one slipcase per each binder, or one slipcase holding several binders.

Using Brochure Display To Help Your Store Thrive by Adam Christie

After attracting customers into the store and making sales, one of the most important aspects for any retailer is to encourage repeat business and effectively promote the shop.
This is why it is important to think about how to show off brochures and other informative material, as well as which display stands will look best in your store.
Brochures and leaflets can serve a number of purposes for a retailer. One of the most obvious is that they can be used to promote forthcoming sales, special offers or the arrival of new products.
Ensuring that these are prominently displayed in your shop will help raise awareness among customers, who may go on to tell friends and family - which could in turn result in higher footfall in your shop.
It could also help encourage repeat visits among shoppers who will want to return to check out your sale or may have their eye on one of the new items you are planning to stock.

How To Make Thrilling Presentations via Powerpoint Templates by Elle Romero

You've built your entire career up to now. You've mastered milestones, you've beat your own metrics and the masses want to hear your secrets. Guess what? It's time for you to present what you've done and you're going to need one thrilling presentation to do it. No problem, that's why I'm here.
You may have a negative understand of Powerpoint templates up to this point. Power point templates have for years been plagued by marble backgrounds and bullet points, while the best presentations have evolved to become more organized beautiful images and statements. Before we continue, let's redefine "Powerpoint templates" to mean presentation frameworks.
1. Create your own template or framework
You present often and it sometimes can be difficult to start from scratch each time. Why not create your own Powerpoint framework or template library that includes several templates that you can use for a variety of presentations. These frameworks will have the basic structure that you can use to

5 Steps for Delivering an Excellent Presentation -- Not a Perfect One! by Nancy Daniels

If there is one thing that cannot happen in public speaking, it is the possibility of delivering a perfect presentation. What skills would you need to make your words or your manner of speaking perfect? Can you answer that honestly? Your presentation may be great; it may be excellent; it may be the best you have ever done; but, that doesn't make it perfect. Perfection is subjective in this particular venue. In fact, any live performance, be it music, theatre, or even in the sports arena, cannot be judged by that one particular word - perfection.
You can type something perfectly; you can build a box perfectly square; and, you can copy a paper perfectly. But trying to accomplish perfection at the lectern is a waste of time. Instead of trying to achieve something that is impossible, might I suggest you strive for excellence? Excellence allows for an occasional mistake; perfection doesn't.
Mistakes are made in live performances. It is unavoidable. It is normal. It is natural. Just watch or listen to the news on any given day and you will hear a mistake or two. You won't hear a lot of them, but they do happen. If you think that the only way you can give a great performance is by not making a mistake, then you are placing a pressure on yourself that is unfair - unfair to you as well as your audience.

Why Nervousness Increases Your Breathlessness in Public Speaking by Nancy Daniels

There is no doubt that for many novice speakers, breathlessness is an annoying problem. It goes hand-in-hand with a voice that rises in pitch and a speed that goes faster and faster. None of these 'qualities' are beneficial in public speaking.
Obviously, without air there is no voice. The difficulty for many speakers is that they find their supply of air depleting, so they speed up their sentence in order to try to finish their thought before being totally spent of oxygen. In the process, the pitch of the voice continues to rise in their frantic attempt to get it done. Does this sound familiar?
In most cases, people do not have the same difficulties in normal conversation; therefore, we can attribute this lack of control over the voice to being in a nervous state. The answer is to breathe; but, a better answer is to learn to breathe with the support of your diaphragm.